A Writer is Always Starting Over

Why do I say that? Those of you who have begun any type of writing project know no matter what the subject, each time you write another white paper, case study, article, or ad, you’re starting over.  You might combine thoughts or even a sentence or paragraph from something you’ve written before.  However, as a … Read more

Boot Camp Starts Tomorrow!

Boot Camp starts tomorrow! Yes, it’s repetition!  I’m excited about the Boot Camp Live Stream – are you, too? I’ve finally accepted the fact that I can’t attend in person.  The Facebook Group has been a great help to me getting past my disappointment.  To be honest, I hadn’t been active on Facebook for a … Read more

My First Boot Camp

What is “boot camp” This is a question asked hundreds of times – at least twice by me.  The answers have varied depending on the background of the person answering my question.  Therefore, the focus of this post will be on the boot camp I’m preparing for: the 20th Annual AWAI Boot Camp.  From what … Read more

A Bit of Copywriting From My Past

While working on an AWAI training module yesterday, I got the urge to look through old files for a specific article written while I attended college in the 80’s.  The files weren’t on my computer.  They were hidden deep within an old 2-drawer file cabinet I hadn’t opened in years. Now I know this cabinet … Read more

Back again – NaNoWriMo 2016 is here!

It’s been a while since I’ve darkened the WordPress door.  With the long illness, then the recovery from surgery, and then going back to work, I’ve found the energy levels have not yet returned to their previous levels.  I’m working to find ways to save energy while still making sure I get the amount of … Read more

In Answer to Reader Requests

Over the past few months, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to receive email from several people who’ve now completed reading “The Crystal Birch.”  All of them, with one exception, asked for another adventure starring the same set of characters.  Now, I had Katy and Marty all set for a happily-ever-after sort of thing.  Guess what?  That … Read more