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A Writer is Always Starting Over

Why do I say that?

Those of you who have begun any type of writing project know no matter what the subject, each time you write another white paper, case study, article, or ad, you’re starting over.  You might combine thoughts or even a sentence or paragraph from something you’ve written before.  However, as a writer, you’re starting over.

Are you a writer?

Some people will tell you if you love to write, and do it whenever you get an inspiration, you’re a writer. There are others who say you’re not a writer unless you actually get paid to write. My advise to you is to ignore the experts and write – when and how you want to write.

If you have a dry spell, you’re still a writer!

Okay, so this is a bit more serious tone than I usually use. It’s because, as a writer, I’ve had a dry spell. I let illness and a stressful situation at my day job put my writing into pause. Oh, let’s face it. I just stopped writing. This is my first post on either of my blogs since just before Christmas, 2017. I want to get started again.

First thing to do is to come up with my own definition of being a writer. I look at that as similar to creating a goal for myself. And there are goals in my agenda. For the last four months I’ve been letting life get in the way of reaching my writing goals. I don’t have that definition for myself yet. But since I’m a writer starting over, that definition will present itself, I’m sure!

A new goal is the catalyst for my starting over.

While on a business trip to Albuquerque last month, a member of the team hosting us suggested I use my certifications as a virtual training designer, producer, and facilitator to expand what I offer to those who need people with writing skills. I have thought about that remark from a relative stranger for over a month now.

Yes, I need to stop thinking about it and act on it. And I have. I actually worked on one of my blogs yesterday. I’m writing this rant, too. I’ll go with this as a beginning.

And, yes, I am now doing more than thinking about what the representative from the Albuquerque Visitors Bureau suggested to me while I was there – I’m reworking my web site to include things I’m good at that will enhance my writing experience and business.


     (My ideas – you can always come up with your own!)

I’m going to make a suggestion to those of you reading this blog now based on thoughts initiated by writing this rant.

  1. Use all your talents, certifications, skills – no matter where you acquired them. For example, I’ve found out over a period of 10 or so years that I’m good at teaching people using virtual platforms. And while learning to do that, I also discovered my PowerPoint presentations are asked quite popular.
  2. Don’t let starting over, and over, etc., get you down. Life will get in the way, as it has with me. Work stress dampens creativity, as does illness. If stray ideas hit during a dry time and you can’t seem to get up the motivation or energy (or both) to act on it, just write it down. When that motivation suddenly strikes again, you’ll won’t have lost those amazing ideas.
  3. When you have an epiphany, such as I’ve had today, pick up those notes and let you’re creativity come forward and pick one to write about.

Remember, first of all, you’re a writer!