“The Crystal Birch” & there’s a new one!

“The Crystal Birch,” re-edited, re-packaged in a beautiful new cover, and in paperback as well as for Kindle, is now out!  There’s a bit of a feeling of freedom now.  I finally got done what I wanted for this novel, so now I can start writing the next one.  The really weird thing is that I decided that was the case just before I went to bed last night.  I dreamed a new story sometime in the somewhere in the early hours of this morning.  For once, I got right up, sat at the computer (after booting the laptop and getting a cuppa) and wrote it down.  It’s a start.  It’s a Sci-Fi.  Most people who know me won’t be surprised at that, even though “The Crystal Birch” is definitely not in that genre.

I’ve put up a new website also.  Please take a look at www.novelist47.com.  And I’m not going to be shy this time.  Please buy a copy of “The Crystal Birch”.  This link will take you directly to my Amazon page.

I’ll post updates as the next one moves along.  I’m just happy to have the WordPress blog up again, even if I don’t get better at filling the pages.  You know, when it comes down to a choice between blogging and working on a novel, somehow the novel always wins.

Have a great week, everyone!