A Bit About My Copy Writing Journey

There is nothing that says you cannot write for a living.  It’s finding the place that’s right for you. I didn’t know what to do or how to do it.  I’ve been writing for most of my life with a novel and several short stories published. That won’t bring home the bacon, so to speak.  (I really want to retire from my day job)  I needed help to discover where I would fit into the writing world.  Finding a supplemental income for retirement entered my mind, too.

First thing, I subscribed to “Barefoot Writer,” a great virtual magazine about living the freelance writing life.  After reading a couple of issues, the bug bit hit me.  I needed to find out more.  So, I signed up for AWAI’s Accelerated Copywriting Course.  While struggling with creating long form sales letters and watching the videos, I realized I’ve been doing this most of the last ten years of my career.

Why do I say that?

I can see it clearly now.  After collecting data, it has to be written up and presented to whatever management person or group will make the decision. In order to get management to accept the outcome shown by the data, persuasion is needed.  The presentation must include everything indicated by the data, the conclusion, and how the conclusion was reached.  It must be summarized.  The document must end with a logical conclusion.

Have you been writing all your life?
Okay, so I sound like I’m writing some sort of official document.  My point is the principle is the same, with less legalese, less technical words, and a lot more creativity.  A second point is there are loads of ways to learn how to do this.  I chose American Writers and Artists, Inc.  It actually took me several years to finally sign up. I asked loads of questions of people in my various writers groups who had taken the plunge enrolled in the Accelerated Copywriting Program.  Well, to me it seemed pricey.

I took the plunge and invested the money after reading, of course, one of their long-form sales pages linked from an email.  And was it worth it?  Most definitely!  And while I have continued into other areas of writing they provide,  I understand how this wouldn’t be possible for some folks.

Many sources available.
The are many other sources of help to develop your writing skills.

I recommend taking the time research the internet. In my first search, I found nine distinct sources. Look at all the potential programs.  Read reviews, testimonials, and blogs about what you find there.  It will be worth the time and effort!

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