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Great Event! New Goal!

What goal did you get out of Boot Camp?

AWAI’s annual Boot Camp is over for 2017.  What an amazing event and an amazing new goal.

Over the years, I’ve attended many similar events, mostly for a job.  I came away from those so pumped up with enthusiasm!  Wow, this was great!  Wasn’t that a wonderful meeting?

Yet, somehow that enthusiasm faded over a fairly short period of time.  I honestly feel the reason for that probably came from lack of substance in the presentations or the subject matter.  No new goals emerged because of those events.

New Goal, New Tools

My feelings changed over these last few days.  And, I have to state categorically, the enthusiasm continues to grow right now.

The content of this event, a Boot Camp (aka intense training), was real TRAINING for copywriters.  My biggest take-away from this event comes from the willingness of the world’s best and highest earning copywriters to share what they know with those of us just starting out. Learning from their mistakes, and understanding more than just you fear moving out of the “comfort zone.”  I’ll use my experience as an example.

And I’d love to hear from anyone who would like to chime in about their experience, goal(s), and take-aways.

  1.  Overcoming fear:  This one is a pet project for me.  So, when a I heard several of the speakers talk about getting past their fears, I made it my first goal to do what scares me most – turning in a piece of writing for feedback.
  2. Reworking my LinkedIn profile immediately – as a matter of fact I’ve set a clock on this one.  It will be updated this week.
  3. Last, but not least, my website will be updated to reflect the niche and the types of writing I do.  That, too will be completed with a time frame.

My list of new goals take up a almost page of notebook paper.  How about yours?

What will I do with this blog once I have reached these goals?  The answer is quite simply, actually.  I’m going to talk about another journey.  The plan is to talk about my niche, celebrate any new clients, and pass on things I learn or find through researching.  Please hang on while this new journey takes shape!

Jessie McPeeke
Freelance Copywriting